KWASU Takes Firm Action Against Indiscipline

KWASU Maintains Stance on Zero Tolerance to Indiscipline

In response to recent events, Kwara State University (KWASU) has emphatically stated that recent skits circulating online do not align with the institution’s values or the majority of its student body. Known for its commitment to producing well-rounded graduates of character and learning, KWASU reaffirmed its zero-tolerance policy towards any form of indiscipline.

The Vice-Chancellor, Professor Shaykh-Luqman Jimoh, has taken decisive action by temporarily disabling the portal of the involved student pending further investigation by the Student Disciplinary Committee. This measure underscores the university’s commitment to upholding decency and the ethical principles espoused by all religions.

Dr. Saeedat Aliyu, Acting Director of University Relations, reiterated KWASU’s dedication to maintaining high standards of conduct and ensuring that actions align with the institution’s core values.

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