Ebonyi State University Enhances Security Measures with Private Security Personnel

In response to the escalating security challenges within the state-owned Ebonyi University in Abakaliki, the Ebonyi State government has given its endorsement to a proactive initiative proposed by the university’s management. This initiative involves the engagement of a private security outfit to bolster security measures on campus.

Commissioner for Tertiary Education, Amari Omaka, conveyed the government’s approval during his visit to the institution. He lauded the decision as a “welcome development” in addressing the prevailing security concerns within the university.

Mr. Omaka reassured the staff that their employment status would remain unaffected by this security enhancement initiative. He also acknowledged the dedication of the staff in maintaining peace within the institution despite the security challenges and encouraged them to continue upholding the law.

“The support of the institution’s management is crucial in safeguarding lives and property,” he emphasized. The commissioner pledged to relay the development to the state governor, expressing optimism that the governor would lend his support to the initiative.

Mr. Omaka highlighted the governor’s commitment to civil servants, evidenced by the prompt payment of salaries and other entitlements, ongoing recruitment, and other initiatives aimed at improving the welfare of state employees.

The Vice-Chancellor of Ebonyi University, Chigozie Ogbu, expressed gratitude to the commissioner for his visit and commended the staff for their resilience in maintaining a peaceful environment within the institution despite the security challenges.

Mr. Ogbu elaborated on the decision made by the university’s governing council to engage a private security outfit to reinforce security at the main campus. Existing security personnel will be deployed to oversee the security of other campuses. The move aligns with established best practices in many organizations worldwide.

The Vice-Chancellor also emphasized that no staff would face dismissal due to the engagement of the private security firm or reassignments to other campuses.

Felix Nwafor, the university’s Chief Security Officer, assured that every effort would be made to enhance security. He pointed out that the security team lacked essential equipment and tools, which impacted their effectiveness. When suspects were apprehended and handed over to law enforcement agencies, they often faced release due to these limitations. The recruitment of a private security outfit aims to rectify this situation and enhance security on the campus.

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