ASUU Kaduna State University Chapter Decries Prolonged Power Outage and Urges Government Intervention

In a distressing revelation, the Academic Staff Union of Universities (ASUU) at Kaduna State University (KASU) has expressed deep concern over months of persistent power outages at the institution and is calling for immediate intervention to rectify the situation. The university has been grappling with this ongoing issue, which has caused significant disruptions in its operations.

Peter Adamu, the Chairman of the ASUU chapter at KASU, issued a statement to the press on Thursday in Kaduna, highlighting the severity of the problem. The power outage has escalated from sporadic and inconsistent electricity supply to a complete blackout, affecting the Kafanchan campus for seven months and the main campus for approximately one month.

Mr. Adamu noted that this dire situation has ignited serious discussions among both the staff and students, with concerns mounting about potential academic stagnation and adverse consequences. The prevailing atmosphere is one of pessimism, hopelessness, despair, despondency, and a growing sense of dissent, as the academic community grapples with the harsh realities of prolonged power outages.

ASUU, KASU chapter, which plays an integral role in the university’s progress, has been in informal discussions with the university’s management and relevant authorities regarding this issue. However, given the severity of the crisis, the union believes it cannot remain silent and must fulfill its moral responsibility.

It is worth noting that the hostels are currently in a deplorable state, lacking both electricity and water supply. The situation has already led to the postponement of examinations in various departments and faculties, as the university has been unable to print examination materials and carry out other essential tasks that require power.

Mr. Adamu lamented the fact that office work has now become a home-based task for KASU staff, who are forced to conduct research and academic activities from their homes, where there is a more reliable power supply. Unfortunately, these debilitating working conditions have resulted in reduced productivity among both staff and students.

ASUU, as a union deeply concerned about the welfare of its members and the study environment for students, is alarmed by the current state of affairs. The prolonged power outage has subjected the university to ridicule, and if left unaddressed, the progress achieved over the years may regress.

In light of this, Mr. Adamu called on the Kaduna State government to swiftly intervene and resolve the situation. He emphasized the urgency of the matter and urged the university’s management not to wait for a potential crisis before taking action, as it would only lead to further embarrassment for the institution. Immediate intervention is essential to prevent further disruption and secure the university’s continued progress.

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