Ministry of Education Steps in to Prevent Power Cut at Ahmadu Bello University

In a significant development, the Ministry of Education has brought to light a critical financial challenge faced by Ahmadu Bello University, revealing that the institution was on the brink of operating without electricity due to an unpaid N1 billion electricity bill.

David Adejoh, the steadfast Permanent Secretary of the Ministry of Education, disclosed this crucial information during a productive session with a committee of the House of Representatives. As the committee delves into the review of the student loan scheme’s implementation, Adejoh’s revelations shed light on a pressing concern.

In his address to the committee, Adejoh unveiled the financial turmoil that had gripped the university, emphasizing that the Ministry of Education stepped in to rescue the situation. He stated, “For example, we had to bail out Ahmadu Bello University, Zaria, with about N1 billion to pay its electricity bill. The school just resumed academic sessions because they were in darkness.”

The dire circumstances required immediate intervention to ensure that students’ education was not hampered by the lack of electricity. Adejoh continued, “They were supposed to build theatres and we told them, ‘you cannot build theatre when you are in the dark because you need power to operate.'”

This revelation casts light on the delicate balance universities must strike between fiscal challenges and maintaining a conducive learning environment for their students.

As the House of Representatives committee engages in the review of the student loan scheme, the education landscape witnesses a new dimension of financial intricacies that directly impact students’ well-being and educational experience.

Recall that the Student Loan legislation received presidential assent from President Bola Tinubu in June, marking a significant milestone in the ongoing evolution of educational funding mechanisms.

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